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Biotin For Hair Growth Review

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Hi, so this is my very first post on!
I knew Biotin had to be my first hair growth product review,
when I was first researching it and deciding whether I should
implement it into my hair care routine, I was quite
overwhelmed by all the conflicting articles and posts I had read.
I have been using Biotin daily for 3 months, and I really hope this
helps if your considering it too!


Biotin or ‘vitamin H’ (the H represents Haar und Haut, German words for “hair and skin”) is used in the body for processing fat and sugars, it is used to maintain steady blood sugar levels and is essential for cell growth, it is found in numerous foods and it is very unlikely you are biotin deficient.  There is little scientific evidence that Biotin improves hair growth.

Thanks Wikipedia.

GCSE science was many moons ago, and unfortunately that molecular diagram means nothing to me, so all I can give you is my honest opinion of my experience. I bought my Biotin from Holland and Barrett, as they had their ‘penny sale’ on I thought it would be an excellent time to stock up. Normally priced at £14.99 they aren’t cheap, but you get 100 pills per bottle, and I managed to get 2 bottles for £15. Not bad. You are recommended to take them twice a day, with meals and plenty of water so they can be easily digested to get the best results.

As I’m sure I will be banging on about all over this website, my hair grows a very average, 1/2 and inch per month, I was hoping biotin would take this up to 3/4, as I had witnessed on a few YouTube reviews, and so I started taking my little miracle pills. Honestly, I didn’t  notice any difference in the first 3-4 weeks, and was a bit dismayed, however I was experiencing rapid nail growth! Due to my very physical visual merchandising job, I can’t have long nails and this was more of a hindrance than a help, but it gave me faith that the biotin was doing something!

So after three months I feel like I have given the biotin enough time to work its magic, and here is what I found.

It did not make my hair grow any quicker.


I did notice that every time I washed my hair, less and less was falling out. I used to be quite alarmed by the amount of hair in the plug hole but I am at a stage where there is virtually nothing. I also saw much less coming out when I brushed my hair every night and therefore my hair is so much thicker now. So although this wasn’t the result I initially bought the product for, I am extremely happy, because aswell as wanting super long locks, I want it to be thick and in excellent condition, and biotin is really going to help me on my journey.

I know that some reviewers say they have experienced break outs, but I have quite oily, sensitive skin and have had no problems, so I think it just varies from person to person. I make sure to take mine with plenty of water just in case!

So I would definitely recommend biotin if you want thicker, healthier hair (or super long, strong nails), but if your hair is already thick/frizzy, and you just want it to grow, I would avoid it and try other hair growth products, which I will be reviewing lots of soon.

Ali x