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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nisim Fast Review – Week 2 results

Amazing results so far, really happy with FAST. Check out my video for all the details! Let me know how your hair growth journeys are going,

Ali x


My Sulphate-Free Saviour

MOP C-System Hair Care


No-sulphate shampoo = Very happy hair. If your growing your hair, or just looking to make it healthy, you need to use a gentle shampoo. Most contain sulphate’s as they easily break down grease on hair, to clean it thoroughly. However, they also strip the natural oils from your hair, and can be extremely harsh on already damaged ends. Sulphate’s do not cause any health problems, but your locks will be much better off if you avoid them.

I was on the hunt for a really great, natural shampoo. The downside to sulphate-free products is they don’t really lather and clean the hair as well as a normal shampoo, as I normally wash my hair just 3 times a week, I needed to something that really worked, because I didn’t want to damage my hair by overwashing. So a few hours of intensive hair-care research later and Voila!! This range of products really stood out to me, and like the hair junkie I am, went straight to the checkout, and I haven’t looked back.

I love Mop C-system so much! This makes my hair super soft, shiny, and really clean, just like a regular shampoo. It’s packed full of real fruit extracts and it has a lovely fresh citrus smell. I use the hydrating version, this is targeted towards coloured hair as it’s extra gentle and wont strip any colour. I don’t have dyed hair but I would always pick a moisturising shampoo over a normal one. So if your looking for a great alternative to your regular shampoo, give this a try. It is on the pricy side, at about £13, but mine have lasted me well over 2 months of regular washing and I reckon they still have a few weeks left in them. I buy mine from John Lewis, but you can get the entire Mop range off amazon or ebay. So say goodbye to sulphates, I promise you wont miss them!

If you have read my last post/watched the video, I am currently using Nisim FAST shampoo and conditioner (which is sulphate free) in conjunction with mop c-system for extra moisturisation. So far I am having good results and will do my 2 week update next monday.

Ali x

Nisim Fast Shampoo review : The Beginning



F.A.S.T Shampoo & Conditioner for accelerated hair growth.

Does it work?


Fortified amino scalp therapy- FAST! I’m so excited for this product!!! I’ve been researching it for absolutely ages, but I have been waiting to get my hair in great condition before I trial it, as I don’t want to have to chop the ends off if it does work. HALLELUJAH, one year later I feel like its ready and coincidentally it has just been launched in the UK at Boots.

So Nisim claim that this will accelerate your hair growth by up to 100%, so for me that would mean an inch of growth a month, that sounds promising!

I’m going to be doing a video diary of this product so you can see the results, good or bad, so head over to youtube to check out my first video, I’ll be recording my progress every 2 weeks.

Please let me know if you have used this product and your experiences so I know what to expect!

Ali x