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Lush ‘Roots’ Review

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Lush Roots

”Thine be the glory – Don’t despair, we’ve got a treatment for thin and fine hair.”


I must confess that before last weekend I was a bit of a Lush virgin. Except popping in for the odd birthday bath bomb for my mum, I had never gone in with the intention of trying their hair care. I have heard very mixed reviews about their hair products, and so was slightly weary. I actually went in because I had heard good things about their henna bars, as I’m thinking about ‘hennaing’ my hair a more vibrant red, so while I was discussing this with the sales assistant, I noticed ‘roots’ and was instantly intrigued.  If you have read my post on Redkens thickening lotion, then you’ll know I’m quite conscious of my hair getting thinner as it gets longer and am always a sucker for something that promises big voluminous hair.


‘Roots’ is a pre-shampoo treatment for fine/thin hair, which claims to revitalize and add body to your locks. It’s also a stimulant as it contains 3 types of mint, which will encourage hair growth, sounds right up my street! The tester pot smelt AMAZING, really fresh with a citrus twist. The sales assistant recommended I dampen my hair, massage the product into my scalp for about 15 minutes, and wash and condition with a gentle shampoo. A clarifying one would strip out all the goodness you’d put in.






So in the bath, I did as instructed and really enjoyed the minty tingling sensation on my scalp. It is kind of hard work to massage your own head for 15 minutes, but it’s great  for hair growth so I persevered. When I washed it out my hair felt lovely and soft. I shampoo’d and conditioned the ends of my hair, used my L’oreal kids detangler and applied no other products, I wanted to determine if this treatment alone could add volume.

After blow drying my hair I was slightly disappointed my hair didn’t really look any thicker. However my roots felt super lightweight, and swishy! So although it didn’t add much volume, my hair had more movement and was bouncy. This product definitely revitalized and detoxed my hair, so this might be a great alternative to using a harsh clarifying shampoo every fortnight. In terms of hair growth, its much to early to tell, I think I’ll get about 8-10 uses out of this pot so I’ll report back when it’s used up.


Overall I like this product. It’s nice to add another natural & organic product into my routine. If your looking for miracle volume you will be disappointed and would be better off with a post-wash volumising product, but if you experience product build up in your fine hair then this will be great for you.

Here is a link to the Lush product page for more details and ingredients

Bye for now!

Ali x


New Hair Care Page

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To compliment my Top 10 Hair products page, I have created a page with all my favourite hair care tips.

I have done this as a page rather than a post as I hope to keep updating this with new tips and tricks that I learn.
If you have any other tips that I haven’t mentioned then let me know and I’ll add them in, I’ll be happy to credit you/ your blog.
Hope this page helps!

Love Ali xx

Rosemary for Hair Growth & Hair Care

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How & why I incorporate rosemary into my hair routine.


As much as I love Nisim’s FAST shampoo and Lee Stafford’s hair growth range, you don’t always have to splash the cash in the quest for longer locks. Sometimes a little scavenge through your kitchen will unearth hair care gold!!
Rosemary is a really great natural stimulant, it is often used in aromatherapy and herbal teas to invigorate the mind and body. When applied to the scalp, it does an amazing job of stimulating your hair follicles, increasing blood flow and therefore improving hair growth rate, and for people suffering with hair loss, it can help brand new hair growth. It is also proven to darken the hair over time and will keep greys away. If that wasn’t enough it is also great at tackling dandruff and an itchy scalp and will leave you feeling fresh and flake free.
I love you rosemary!

There are tons of ways you can use this is your hair care routine, but here are four of my favourites…

Rosemary leave in conditioner and rosemary & cider vinegar rinse


Rosemary leave in conditioner is a natural way to detangle your hair and leave it super glossy whilst stimulating your scalp, and it’s so easy and cheap to make.


Take a pack of dried rosemary, I buy mine from Holland & Barrett for about £1.20, and put roughly 200g into a saucepan.


Fill to the top with cold water and bring to the boil, simmer for about 20 minutes until water is a dark red/brown colour, keep stirring.


Let this cool, then use a sieve to pour the water into a jug and get rid of the used rosemary. Once it’s completely cool pour into a water spray bottle (I get mine from poundland) and that’s it!
After you have washed your hair spritz this all over, and comb through.

A rosemary and cider vinegar rinse is a great way to neutralise the ph of your hair as shampoo and conditioner is very alkaline and it can take your a hair a while to rebalance itself out, leaving it vulnerable to damage. The acidity of the vinegar will make your hair extremely shiny and healthy, the smell isn’t great but is masked by the rosemary and olive oil. Here’s how to make it.


In a spray bottle, fill 1/3 with apple cider vinegar. Then fill the rest with the rosemary conditioner from the previous method. Add 4-5 drops of olive oil for extra moisture.

To use, shake really well, remember oil and vinegar don’t mix! After conditioning whilst hair is still wet, spray evenly and leave for a minute. Then rinse fully. You should feel the results immediately and your hair will feel like silk!

Rosemary and coconut hair mask

If you have read my blog before, you’ll know I’m a bit obsessed with using coconut oil in my hair. Well this post is no exception! An overnight mask will deliver maximum results, the rosemary to grow your hair and the coconut to repair any damage. Again this is super easy to make.


You will need some pure rosemary essential oil, again I get mine from Holland & Barrett for about £8 but you can get it cheaper on ebay


Then all I do is pour about 6-7 drops into my virgin coconut oil tub, use my hairdryer to melt the coconut and massage the mixture into my scalp and tips. I will then wrap it in a warm towel over night and wash out in the morning. Simple!

Rosemary tea

Beauty starts from within I am always told, so this is a really easy way to boost your hair from the inside out.
That first method of boiling the rosemary to make a conditioner, well that’s also known as rosemary tea and you can drink it! It’s not the nicest flavour tea, but I promise it will work wonders for your hair!

Let me know if you have any other techniques for using rosemary!!
Alice xx


Kyle Beasley Hair Salon Review Leicester

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For those of us on a hair growth mission, going to get your hair cut can be a daunting prospect. But it has been over 4 months since my last trim, my hair was looking a little worse for wear and I needed to bite the bullet and go for a chop. I have been to many hair salons and find it difficult to stay loyal to any, I’ve been to Toni&guy, Barrie Stephen, Jo&Cass, even Supercuts (God forgive me), amoungst many others, but although I’ve had a fairly good experience I’ve never been wowed and wanted to book another appointment, and the search went on!

On a reccommendation from my work collegues at Topshop I decided to book an appointment at the new ‘Kyle Beasley’ salon located in chic St.Martins area of Leicester. On first impression the salon looked gorgeous, with a lot of personal touches you only get from an independant business. The lady at the reception was very welcoming, and had great hair. There is nothing more off putting than a stylist with bad hair!  Later I learnt her name was Shelly and she is the salon manager.


At my appointment I explained to Shelly that I was trying to grow my hair and only want a tiny bit off. Normally a hairderesser will ignore me and hack at least a couple of inches off and I’ll have to say it looks great whilst calculating the amount of money I can spend on extensions for the next couple of months. I also vaugley told her the kind of fringe I’d like and she seemed to know exactly what I wanted even if I didnt! Lastly I decided to get a l’oreal treatment done which was an extra £10 on top. This should last in my hair for roughly six weeks, and beacuse of the keratin, will strengthen my hair and help prevent split ends, so a really great option if your trying to grow your hair too. My hair felt amazing after this treatment, and even when I rinsed my hair out this morning it still felt like silk, will defintuiley be getting this done each time I go from now on.

In terms of my hair cut I really didnt get anything drastic, and I’m normally a bit underwhelmed, but this time I genuinely felt like a different person with my new fringe and really blunt, one length ends. I would highly reccommend my stylist Shelly, from the cut to the way she styled my hair I was 100% happy and even though I want to avoid cutting my hair, I actually can’t wait to go back! She waved my hair with a cloud 9 waving wand and I have already started saving up for one I loved the effect that much! So here is the finished result…



Like the product Junkie I am, I also picked up some ‘L’oreal Professional Tecni Art Volume Riche Strong Hold Mousse’, bit of a mouthful that. This was about £10, and is completley different from any other mousse I’ve tried, you can’t even tell its in your hair yet it kept the wave in my hair all day, and on my night out, very impressed and I’ll be doing a full review on it once I have used it a little more.


So if your looking for a great new salon in Leicester I would highly reccommend Kyle Beasley. Here is their website which you can check out for more details .

Love Ali x

Overnight heatless waves with Redken Wool shake

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I used to love my GHD’s, I used them religiously and my favourite style to create was beachy waves. However when I converted over to a heat-free life I had to come up with alternatives!
Here’s a really simple way to get your hair from poker straight to soft curls overnight with just some bobby pins and one product.




Step One
Apply mousse to freshly washed hair, any brand is fine I never find a difference between high-end and drugstore when it comes to mousse. Apply a volumizing spray or lotion, I use the redken thickening lotion. Blow dry fully.

Step Two
When completely dry spray lightly with redken wool shake, don’t scrunch yet. This is to give hair texture and hold overnight.

Step Three
Bobby pin your hair into a bun, if you twist the hair and wrap tightly you will get more uniformed curls. I like mine to look just wavy so I do it fairly loosely and messy so it looks natural. If you have a lot of hair you can do 2 buns to get more shape. When hair is secure spray with hairspray to set.

Step Four
In the morning take out your pins and run fingers through hair to remove any knots. For a smooth romantic wave just brush through and leave. But for a more beachy ‘just got out of bed’ look, use a liberal amount of redken wool shake and scrunch your hair like its the 90’s!
This style will last 2-3 days, and you can tie it up again each night if you feel the waves are falling.

Quick Redken Wool Shake Review

This is my latest holy grail hair product, and I feel a great sense of relief knowing I don’t have to waste my time and money trying to find a perfect sea salt spray, or texturising product anymore.
I must admit I was a little daunted by the name ‘Wool Shake’, who wants wool in their hair?? Also the bottle says its a ‘gel slush texturizer’ eww! But I did my research and lots of reviews from people with hair similar to mine persuaded me to give it a go.
I find it gives my normally flat boring hair amazing texture that no salt spray has ever come close to, it also holds that style all day without feeling sticky, hard or heavy. It also brushes out nicely if you have applied a bit too much.
It retails anywhere between £10-15, but like I’ve said in previous posts do regular Redken offers so keep a look out for them. Here’s a link to the official Redken Wool Shake page and the page

Let me know of any other heatless styles you like!
Ali x