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How to detangle hair without causing damage

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Detangler Looking after your hair whist it’s wet is so important to mantain its health and strength. Every time I’m in the gym changing rooms, I cringe to see women abusing their hair with brushes, towels and hair dryers. A single strand of dry hair can carry a load of 100g without breaking (Dr.John Gray), however when wet the natural hydrogen bonds are broken down making the hair extremely fragile, these reform during the drying process (this is why you hair will take on a different shape if you brade it when wet). After washing your hair you will notice that your hair is much more stretchy and will appear longer (so don’t trim your fringe when its wet!). This extra elasticity makes your hair much more prone to damage. So here are my golden rules to preventing hair loss, breakage and damage for wet hair.

Pre-shower preparation

It’s imporant to thorougly comb through your hair before you wash it to remove and tangles and knots. Washing tangled hair will only make it worse, this is especially important if you backcomb your hair. You could also use a tangle teaser if you prefer, just not a regular brush.


Treat your hair delicatley whilst washing, don’t pile it on the top of your head and scrub, instead massage the shampoo into your ends and work up to the roots. Aswell as not causing any tangles, this will reduce pull and stress on your hair, and you should notice a lot less hair fall in the shower.


This is common knowledge, but its important to comb your conditioner through your hair to distribute it evenly and remove any knots that might have occured during shampooing. Again start from the tips working up.

Post-shower care

When getting out of the shower, it’s most womens first instinct to wrap their hair up in a towel, although this isn’t the worst offender when it comes to hair sins, it is much more preferable to spend a few extra minutes to pat it dry. Twisting your hair into a towel will pull on your scalp and contribute to hair fall. The most important thing to not do is rub your hair vigorously with a towel, this will always cause brekage.


So now you are at the point where you can potentially cause major damage to your hair. My first piece of advice would be to invest in a good detangling spray. I would highly reccommedJoico

the ‘Joico’ leave in detangler and heat protectant. It’s a little on the pricey side at about £10.95, but the product really delivers. It is super lightweight, leaving no residue at all, yet I can easily comb through my hair in one go without any pull. I buy mine from and often get it for 15% cheaper as look fantastic give out discount codes every weekend! If your on a budget, the l’oreal kids detangling sprays work well and are only a couple of quid, they also smell yummy!

I section my hair and spray the product quite liberally all over, including the roots as this product wont weigh hair down. I leave it to get to work for a couple of minutes before grabbing my trusty GHD detangling comb. Having a good detangling wide toothed comb is crucial at this stage, they casue a lot less friction and are gentle on the hair so you wont end up just pulling straight through a knot and breaking it off. Any wide toothed comb will do, but here is mine if you are looking to buy a good quality one Like shampooing, it is important to work on your hair from the bottom up. A good technique is to hold a section of hair with one hand and comb with the other, moving upwards as tangles are removed, don’t just comb from the scalp as this is likely to pull hair out.



In an ideal world we would let our hair dry naturally and cause no damage whatsoever, but for the majority of us this just isn’t possible. As a minimum let your hair air dry to about 50%, so it just feels damp, before using any heat. Don’t blow dry with a round brush until hair is at least 80% dry, as it can’t retain any shape until this stage. Make sure to use a heat protectant if your detangling spray doesn’t contain one.

And voila, healthy, strong, tangle free hair!


If you follow these steps, you should notice your hair feels much stronger, and that there is significantly less hair going down the drain! Has anyone tried the Aqua Tangle Teezer? I’d love to hear some reviews as I’m thinking about buying!



Ali x





The Bleach Bible

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Bleach Salon

Bleach Salon

This month, the super cool Dalston salon ‘Bleach’ has launched its DIY range at boots, and although bleaching my hair is something I am totally against, I can’t help but love this brand. I am seriously tempted to bleach my ends green or grey or something crazy, I may have healthy hair, but I’m getting a little bored!

Bleach LondonBleaching your hair is not something to take lightly, and I have had bad experiences in the past. However now I feel I have the knowledge to look after my hair if I do decide to. For anyone else thinking about taking the plunge check out bleaches ‘The Bleach Bible’, it’s full of useful information about the process and after care. Also one of my favourite bloggers Lily Melrose has done a really great post on the salon and it’s home range which you can read here

So tempted, what do you think I should do, focus on growing long healthy hair, or bleach it and get creative? Advice would be very much appreciated!

Ali x