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The Bleach Bible

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Bleach Salon

Bleach Salon

This month, the super cool Dalston salon ‘Bleach’ has launched its DIY range at boots, and although bleaching my hair is something I am totally against, I can’t help but love this brand. I am seriously tempted to bleach my ends green or grey or something crazy, I may have healthy hair, but I’m getting a little bored!

Bleach LondonBleaching your hair is not something to take lightly, and I have had bad experiences in the past. However now I feel I have the knowledge to look after my hair if I do decide to. For anyone else thinking about taking the plunge check out bleaches ‘The Bleach Bible’, it’s full of useful information about the process and after care. Also one of my favourite bloggers Lily Melrose has done a really great post on the salon and it’s home range which you can read here

So tempted, what do you think I should do, focus on growing long healthy hair, or bleach it and get creative? Advice would be very much appreciated!

Ali x


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  1. i wanna long hair. have you any tips for long hair


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