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I have been researching hair growth, to the point of obsession, for nearly a year now. There is nothing I wont try in my quest for locks like these 19th century ladies.

So to save you the time and hassle I have compiled a list of tips I know will definitely help your hair grow, some are free and some are a bit pricey, but if you just incorporate one of these techniques you should see an improvement. There are still lots of things I haven’t tried but I will be trialing lots of products and posting reviews/videos on the blog, and maybe adding some to my list!

Tips For Getting Long Hair

Brush your hair and massage your scalp.

I really can’t stress this point enough. Scalp stimulation is so important, it increases circulation and therefore your scalp can receive more nutrients and oxygen, this makes your hair follicles super happy and they will produce hair at a quicker rate.You can stimulate your hair in a variety of ways, I brush my hair every night with a boar bristle brush, concentrating on the scalp, this also distributes oil from your roots making them less greasy. But please don’t brush your hair while its wet or with a synthetic fiber brush, major hair sins! I also always give myself a head massage in the shower whilst shampooing. You could also treat yourself to an Indian head massage, I am yet to try one

Use hot water in the shower

I know there is lots of advice out there telling you to use very cold water on your hair, as this seals the hair cuticle and makes your hair really shiny, which is very true, and I do do this if I am going on a night out, date etc. But, hot water will stimulate your scalp, much like how your hair grows faster in the summer months. I’m not talking scorching hot, but the warmer the better, because cold water will diminish hair growth rate for the first few hours after its washed. If you’d like a compromise, rinse with hot water, and then just put the ends of your hair into cold water to smooth them down.

Eat lots of protein

This important for healthy hair and better growth rate. Protein is converted into ‘Keratin’, and ingredient found in many premium products. If you don’t eat enough, your body will prioritise the protein for other parts of your body, hair is pretty far down the list, and if you are deficient, it will be obvious in your hair. I am a vegetarian, so this can be a struggle for me, but I make sure to incorporate lots of eggs, milk, tofu and nuts into my diet, but of course red meat, poultry and oily fish are the best sources. You could also take fish oil, or spirulina tablets. (The latter is pretty much fish food, but its extremely good for you.)

Get your zzzzzzz’s

This is a pretty obvious one, as your hair does most of its growing while you sleep. But I know its not reality for most people to get 9-10 hours a night. I am up at 5am every morning for work, so I only average about 6-7 hours, but at the weekends try and get as much as possible and treat yourself to the odd nap, I know I do.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

I absolutely love this treatment, I use it twice a week between shampooing and conditioning. It’s really thick and creamy and smells amazing! I trialed the whole of Lee Staffords hair care range, but this was my favourite product. It has definitely made my hair grow a bit faster, and a lot stronger, along with the biotin I also believe this product has stopped so much of my hair falling out in the shower, as  it ‘fertilises the follicles , helping them retain hair much better. It’s fairly mid range at £8 for 200ml but boots are always doing 3 for 2 on Lee Stafford, so next time they do make sure you stock up!



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  1. Great post! In addition to the tips above, don’t forget to get plenty of healthy fats and oils into your diet. I’m a huge fan of avocado–aside from being delicious, it’s great for your hair and overall health.

  2. Great advice! Don’t forget to get plenty of healthy fats and oils into your diet–I’m a huge fan of avocado. It’s not only delicious, it’s great for your hair and for your body as a whole

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  4. One of our bloggers has actually been doing the thirty day castor oil challenge! Except she’s been doing it for almost two months or so now. She’s going to really keep track of her results for the month of December and then we will have a review but I can already tell you it’s made a huge difference in her hair growth. You should look into it 🙂

  5. Love the graphics on your blog. My solution for my gray hair is to eliminate shampoo totally. Gray hair tends to be super dry and sometimes uncontrollable. As a retire hairdresser I knew what was in certain products and decided to stop using anything that damaged my hair. I now use only baking soda for cleansing my hair and scalp.

  6. Good article and useful tips. It is also important to trim your hair regularly to remove split ends, as sometimes split ends can make it difficult for new hair follicles to grow.



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