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Malcolm Murphy Hair Leicester Review

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A trip to Leicester’s premier boutique salon


Malcom Murphy


I’m so excited to write this review, I can honestly say this is the best salon I have ever been to, and if your local to Leicester you absolutely need to go!

So last week I took a trip home to visit my friends and family back in Leicester, and after having a bit of disastrous hair cut in Preston, I decided to drop in on my favourite stylist Shelley Manley at her new Salon Malcolm Murphy Hair. I’d been hearing a lot of great things recently in the media about the salon, and was very impressed with their celebrity clientèle for a small out-of-town boutique hairdresser, so I was keen to see what all they hype was about.

The first thing I really liked about Malcolm Murphy hair was its location, in the Braunstone Gate area of Leicester it’s far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the city centre to give it a really relaxed vibe, whilst giving the traditionally student area a fresh and premium feel.

malcom murphy The interior of the salon is seriously opulent, in Malcolm’s own “Industrial Chic Vs Disney Princess” style with fabulous ornate mirrors and chandeliers, even gold plates for nibbles, creating a unique salon experience that you wont forget.

When I arrived I told Shelley about my bad experience in Preston, and the dramatic fringe (to say the least) that I was given after being told my hair was boring!!! As always, Shelley knew exactly what to do and I left it in her expert hands. She then talked me through the Kevin Murphy hair products the salon uses, which she described as ‘Skin care for hair’. Intriguing…

Kevin MurphyNot only does this brand have extremely cool packaging (something I can be a bit obsessed with as a Fashion Promotion student) but it is specifically designed for editorial stylists with the highest quality, weightless products, so us mere mortals can recreate model worthy hair. ‘Born from the same philosophy as skin care and inspired by nature’s best, the KEVIN.MURPHY range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aids, is an indulgence of runway looks and natural aromatherapy catered for every hair type’ . My hair felt amazing after the ‘Young Again’ restorative treatment, and although they are on the expensive side, I’m looking forward to snapping a few of these products up on my next (and final, boooooo) student loan day.

Tea Whilst waiting for the products to work their magic I was treated to some lovely tea and biscuits, and a home made cupcake which I devoured before I remembered to take a picture, oops!

As Shelley was cutting my hair, I was keen to hear all about her experience at London Fashion week , as a member of the Cloud Nine hair style team she got to work on the Emilio De La Morena, and one of my all time faves JW Anderson, shows! She’s also managed to land a place on the Clynol Protege team, which means she gets to attend loads of exclusive seminars and work on high fashion photoshoots giving her an ‘invaluable professional experience’, impressive stuff!

Overall I really loved my experience at Malcolm Murphy, it was great to see Shelley again and see what she’d been up to since my last appointment with her six months ago. The service from all the staff was fantastic, the décor was fabulous, the products were luxurious and most importantly I had a fringe I wasn’t embarrassed of! The only criticism I could of had was that I felt like the salon was a bit on the small side, but Malcolm was already one step ahead of me as they are opening up a new one two doors down on a much bigger premises, which I am super excited to check out next month!

If you’d like to know more about Malcolm Murphy Hair check out their website here

malcom murphy


Bye for now,

Ali xxx


The Bleach Bible

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Bleach Salon

Bleach Salon

This month, the super cool Dalston salon ‘Bleach’ has launched its DIY range at boots, and although bleaching my hair is something I am totally against, I can’t help but love this brand. I am seriously tempted to bleach my ends green or grey or something crazy, I may have healthy hair, but I’m getting a little bored!

Bleach LondonBleaching your hair is not something to take lightly, and I have had bad experiences in the past. However now I feel I have the knowledge to look after my hair if I do decide to. For anyone else thinking about taking the plunge check out bleaches ‘The Bleach Bible’, it’s full of useful information about the process and after care. Also one of my favourite bloggers Lily Melrose has done a really great post on the salon and it’s home range which you can read here

So tempted, what do you think I should do, focus on growing long healthy hair, or bleach it and get creative? Advice would be very much appreciated!

Ali x

Kyle Beasley Hair Salon Review Leicester

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For those of us on a hair growth mission, going to get your hair cut can be a daunting prospect. But it has been over 4 months since my last trim, my hair was looking a little worse for wear and I needed to bite the bullet and go for a chop. I have been to many hair salons and find it difficult to stay loyal to any, I’ve been to Toni&guy, Barrie Stephen, Jo&Cass, even Supercuts (God forgive me), amoungst many others, but although I’ve had a fairly good experience I’ve never been wowed and wanted to book another appointment, and the search went on!

On a reccommendation from my work collegues at Topshop I decided to book an appointment at the new ‘Kyle Beasley’ salon located in chic St.Martins area of Leicester. On first impression the salon looked gorgeous, with a lot of personal touches you only get from an independant business. The lady at the reception was very welcoming, and had great hair. There is nothing more off putting than a stylist with bad hair!  Later I learnt her name was Shelly and she is the salon manager.


At my appointment I explained to Shelly that I was trying to grow my hair and only want a tiny bit off. Normally a hairderesser will ignore me and hack at least a couple of inches off and I’ll have to say it looks great whilst calculating the amount of money I can spend on extensions for the next couple of months. I also vaugley told her the kind of fringe I’d like and she seemed to know exactly what I wanted even if I didnt! Lastly I decided to get a l’oreal treatment done which was an extra £10 on top. This should last in my hair for roughly six weeks, and beacuse of the keratin, will strengthen my hair and help prevent split ends, so a really great option if your trying to grow your hair too. My hair felt amazing after this treatment, and even when I rinsed my hair out this morning it still felt like silk, will defintuiley be getting this done each time I go from now on.

In terms of my hair cut I really didnt get anything drastic, and I’m normally a bit underwhelmed, but this time I genuinely felt like a different person with my new fringe and really blunt, one length ends. I would highly reccommend my stylist Shelly, from the cut to the way she styled my hair I was 100% happy and even though I want to avoid cutting my hair, I actually can’t wait to go back! She waved my hair with a cloud 9 waving wand and I have already started saving up for one I loved the effect that much! So here is the finished result…



Like the product Junkie I am, I also picked up some ‘L’oreal Professional Tecni Art Volume Riche Strong Hold Mousse’, bit of a mouthful that. This was about £10, and is completley different from any other mousse I’ve tried, you can’t even tell its in your hair yet it kept the wave in my hair all day, and on my night out, very impressed and I’ll be doing a full review on it once I have used it a little more.


So if your looking for a great new salon in Leicester I would highly reccommend Kyle Beasley. Here is their website which you can check out for more details .

Love Ali x